Maria Avxentwvskaya (MPIWG)

The Physician's Stammbuch: Humanist cultures of knowledge networking


Angela Axworthy (TU Berlin)

The Status of Practical Geometry and its Relations to Theoretical and Applied Geometrical Knowledge in Sixteenth-century Treatises of Practical Geometry


Irene Calà (HU Berlin)

Bleeding for Health. Galen’s Views on Phlebotomy and Their Reception in Medical Works of Late Antiquity


Martin Jähnert (TU Berlin)

Photometry at the Lighthouse: Practical Knowledge between Field and Laborator


Minakshi Menon (HU Berlin)

Hortus Oceanus Indicus: The Calcutta Botanic Garden and the Making of the Indian Ocean Environment, 1786-1847


Elizabeth Merrill (MPIWG)

Fieldworks of Architectural Knowledge in Renaissance Italy


Robert Middeke-Conlin (MPIWG)

Numerical Literacy in the Old Babylonian Kingdom of Larsa


Ion Mihailescu (MPIWG)

Weather Charts: History of Graphical Representation in 18th Century Meterology


Anja Sattelmacher (TU Berlin)

Making Things Alive. Animation as Cultural and Epistemic Practice


Dror Weil (MPIWG)

Transmission Of Medical Knowledge Embedded in Islamic Texts to China, 17th-19th centuries


Isaiah Wilner (MPIWG)

Narratives of Transformation: The Globalization of Indigenous Knowledge



Nadin Heé (FU Berlin)

Juniorprofessorin mit Forschungsschwerpunkten zu Global History, Modern History of East Asia, History of Knowledge, Empire Studies, History of Resources, Environmental History, Maritime History

Über das Postdoc-Programm

Seit September 2013 sind die Partnerinstitutionen Gastgeber für Postdoktoranden und Postdoktorandinnen sowie eine Juniorprofessorin.


Weitere Informationen:
Dr. Hansjakob Ziemer
hjziemer [at] mpiwg-berlin [dot] mpg [dot] de


Eine Liste von bisher geförderten Postdoktoranden und Postdoktorandinnen finden Sie in der Alumni-Liste 2013-2018.